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Upcoming Services

Sunday, April 2: YRUU Service “Our Word is Our World”  9:00 AM SERVICE ONLY

Please join the YRUU (high school youth) as they explore “words”. As a UU what words do we use to amplify and express our principles and what we value? The meaningful choice and the power of the words we use to engage in our world.


Sunday, April 9: Eleanor Piez “Transformation: It’s the Little Things”

When we think of transformation, we often imagine a big, dramatic change. But profound changes can also take place more subtly over time through practice. The Christian story of Palm Sunday offers a lens through which we will examine the nature of transformation. Music by the UUCA Choir.

 AWAKE Talks:  Potluck 4:00 PM; Service 5:00 PM

The tragic but transformational story of John O’Neil and how he turned the loss of his son into a moment of spiritual growth and rebirth.


Sunday, April 16: Rev. Fred Muir “Easter Without Christ?”

This Easter day, Christians are celebrating the resurrected Christ – the quintessential event of the Christian tradition.  Yet for most Unitarian Universalists, they reject this moving and core concept.  Still, there is a growing group of UU Christians at UUCA and in UUism.  This Easter day, let’s look at Christ. Music by Betsy Kraning, Len Langrick and the UUCA Bell Ringers.


Sunday, April 23: Rev. Christina Leone Tracy “Brother Juniper Gives Away the Church”

Using the beloved story of Brother Juniper, the Franciscan monk who gave his church away piece by piece, we see the value in generosity. As we celebrate our theme of Transformation this month, how might we consider the transformation of our values outward into the world, which will also transform our church itself? Music by the UUCA Choir.


Sunday, April 30: Rev. John Crestwell “Resurrection”

Today we examine the many meanings behind the word resurrection and its ramifications for us as a beloved community committed to justice, equity, and compassion.  Music by Spirit Singers, Josh Long, and the AWAKE musicians.