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Upcoming Services

March 5: Rev. Fred Muir “Living Truthfully”

I saw a link for the “New York Times” the other day that read – “Read the Times: Just the facts. No alternatives.” Are we living in an “alternative facts” world? Truthful living is at the core of our Unitarian Universalist Principals. How do we make sense of it all? Music by the UUCA Choir.



March 12: Rev. Fred Muir “The Risk of Liberalism”

I’m a Liberal. There – I’ve said it! Identifying oneself as a Liberal is risky business nowadays. As a faith, UUism is identified as Liberal Religion. It always has been. What’s that mean? What are the risks? Join me as I explore these questions. Music by Sara Jones.

          AWAKE Talks  Potluck 4:00 PM; Service 5:00 PM

Come hear soulful music from the AWAKE Singers & Band and the story of Angela Charles, our guest speaker for this               month. Finding her life’s purpose –helping others find joy through her music–was not an easy journey. Her story will                   move and inspire you!


March 19: Rev. Christina Leone Tracy “Leap of Faith”

What does Trapeze have to do with being a UU? As it turns out, quite a bit! Let’s talk about the risks we might need to take as we leap into a very uncertain religious and political future. Service led by Rev. Christina, with music leadership by the UUCA Choir.


March 26: Rev. John Crestwell “If”

Today we will examine “risk” through British Nobel laureate Rudyard Kipling’s poem, If, written in 1895.  The words were originally a message of advice from a father to a son. How can we translate Kipling’s message today as we face a country and world where our discomfort may be required to move humanity forward toward justice, equity and compassion? This is an AWAKE-style worship service; with music by Josh Long and AWAKE musicians.