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Order of Service

Email to: oos@uuannapolis.org

Deadline for submission: Wednesdays at noon, unless otherwise announced

The purpose of the Sunday Order of Service is to provide an outline of the worship service, acknowledge lay and shared ministry for that Sunday and provide summary information about upcoming church events and programs. The following guidelines are with regard to the “Announcements” section of the Order of Service:

Items listed in the Announcements will be limited to UUCA and UU programs and events, occurring that Sunday and in upcoming weeks.

Submissions should be 50 words or less, and contain basic information such as – name of the event, date, time, location, brief description and contact person with email or phone number. To provide more detailed information, direct the reader to pick up a flier or visit a display table in the narthex (see display table reservation policy).

Inserts will be considered on a case-by-case basis. They should be sent as an MS Word or MS Publisher document to fit a half-sheet of paper (5½ by 8½ inches). All inserts must come through the order of service email account – please do not drop them off in the office expecting them to be included without first speaking to the office staff.

All submissions are subject to editing.


In The Know

Email to: intheknow@uuannapolis.org

Deadline for submissions: Mondays at noon

The purpose of “In the Know” is to communicate accurate, timely information regarding church activities.

Weekly Events: Any event from Wednesday (the day the email is sent) to the following Wednesday. Events should have a title, date, time, location, contact information, and a brief description (no more than 50 words). If there is a longer description, a link can be provided to a website or flier.


Spiritual Practice Group
When: Monday, May 6, 7:00 – 8:00 PM
Where: Angebranndt Room
What: Join us as we grow together on our spiritual path. This week we will discuss what we perceive our calling in life to be.
Contact: Mary Smith; msmith@gmail.com

Announcements: Announcements will run for two weeks and are limited to notices only. Events will not be posted in this section. Announcements should have a title and a brief description (no more than 50 words). An example of an announcement would be “the Endowment Board is seeking grant proposals – check out our table in the narthex for an application and guidelines”.

Upcoming Events: Events in this category fall in the two-week out period (see calendar example below). Upcoming Events should have a title, date, time, location, contact information and VERY brief description. If there is a longer description, a link can be provided to a website or flier.


Book Club
When: Tuesday, April 12, 7:00 – 9:00 PM
Where: Library
Click here to see all the novels the Book Club will be discussing soon.
Contact: bookclub@uuca-md.org

Save the Date: Events in this category fall in the two to six-week out period (see calendar example below). Their posting in Save the Date will last no more than two weeks. Events are limited to church events that happen at infrequent times (i.e. seder, stone soup). Events should have a title, date, time and location.


Mark May 21, 2012 on your calendar for this year’s all-church picnic. For more information, contact Pam Jones at pjones@msn.com.



Email to: highlights@uuannapolis.org
Deadline for submissions: the 15th of the month

The purpose of “Highlights” is to illustrate how UUCA is working toward the Beloved Community, and how we live out our UU principles. As such, submissions should be “story”-based and approximately 350 words or less. They should relate to the UUCA community at large and/or our UU principles. They could be about past events, or outreach efforts, and could even include a “gratitude corner”, membership information, or chalice lightings for use at home. Articles can be inspirational in nature, or can relate to the monthly worship theme. Currently, the opening page will be taken from the minister’s blog. All articles are subject to editing.

“Highlights” will be published on the 4th Tuesday of the month, and dispersed via the following methods:

printed and mailed via USPS (upon request only)
printed and available for pick-up at the church
electronically at www.uuannapolis.org

An email notification indicating the availability of the latest newsletter will be sent out using Constant Contact on the day of dispersal.

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