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UUCA has an endowment fund to assure the long range financial future of the church, and to fund capital needs and special projects that are consistent with Unitarian Universalist principles and further the mission of the church. Disbursements from this fund require authorization of the Endowment Board. The Board also oversees expenditures from the Memorial Garden Fund. Anyone wishing to contribute to the Endowment or Memorial Garden Funds is encouraged to contact a member of the Endowment Board or the church office.

Individuals and not-for-profit organizations may apply for support from the fund by submitting a proposal to the Endowment Board. In general, there are two funding cycles annually with the deadlines for submission of proposals being in April and October. Information regarding the latest “Request for Proposals” is available here. Generally, the activities funded will be for “stand alone” projects that do not need continuing support. Criteria used to evaluate the proposals include determination as to whether there is a reasonable likelihood that the objectives of the project will be achieved and whether they further the mission of the church, whether the time frame is reasonable, the number of people benefiting from the project, and additional resources required and the source of these resources. At the end of the project, recipients are expected to provide a written report detailing results of the project and certifying that the funds were used for the purposes stated in the proposal. Visit the “Grants” page for a list of most recently funded projects.


Endowment Board Members:

Jackie Heimbuch, Chair

Caroline Hadley, Vice Chair

Phyllis Marsh, Recording Secretary

Tony Hipszer, Finance Officer

Jan Sprinkel, Memorial Garden Chair

Ken Apfel, UUCA Board President

Maury Marks, UUCA Finance Officer

Rev. Kathleen Rolenz, Interim  Senior Minister

Staff Warren, Member

Bob Ertman, Member

Don Patterson, Member