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Meet Our Board

UUCA is governed by the Constitution and By-Laws adopted by the congregation; and by the Governing Policies adopted by the Board of Trustees.

The Officers of the Board of Trustees consist of a President; Vice President; Finance Officer; and Secretary. The nine-member Board also includes three Trustees at Large; the Senior Minister; and the chairperson of the Nominating Committee.

UUCA’s Constitution and By-Laws, as adopted and revised by the full membership, authorize the Board of Trustees to adopt a policy governance approach. The UUCA Constitution authorizes the Board of Trustees to establish Governing Policies for UUCA which enact the principles of Unitarian Universalism by protecting the dignity of individuals and the integrity of the church community.

In recent years, UUCA’s Board of Trustees has been working to adopt the types of governance materials associated with the Carver Model. The Board’s Governing Policies also provide goals, constraints, direction and guidance to the Senior Minister for the management and operations of the Church. The Senior Minister holds full authority over, and responsibility for, all work performed at the church by paid and volunteer staff and as well as work completed by independent contractors. The Senior Minister is accountable to the Board for the achievement of UUCA’s Ends.

Most recently, the church has been actively engaged in adopting new By-Laws focusing on Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression and Multiculturalism; and Environmental Sustainability and Justice. These newer additions follow in the footsteps of the “Welcoming Congregation” By-Law adopted by the congregation in 1997 affirming UUCA’s commitment to address the needs of bisexual, gay, lesbian and transgender persons.

In these ways, UUCA is governed by all of the members. As members, we are not just consumers of the gifts of the church. We call our own ministers, we own the buildings, we raise the funds, we elect our officers, and we adopt the annual budget. As members engaged in “congregational polity”, we have shared responsibilities that we need to take seriously. One of those responsibilities is to attend Congregational Meetings.


Congregational Meetings

At the April Congregational Meeting we elect the officers of the Church and we approve the budget at the December meeting. Business cannot be conducted without a quorum, so attendance is strongly encouraged.


Board of Trustees

President:  Ken Apfel
Vice President:  Linda Rhoads
Secretary:  Heather Millar
Finance Officer:  Maury Marks
Nominating Committee Representative:  Rob Malone
Trustee:   LE Gomez
Trustee:   Dianne Moreau
Trustee:   Gina Williams
Interim Senior Minister: Kathleen Rolenz

Click here to contact the Secretary to the Board of Trustees.


Unitarian Universalist Church of Annapolis Board of Trustees Covenant 

As members of the Board of Trustees of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Annapolis, we covenant the following:

To interact with honesty, authenticity and compassion;
To work cooperatively toward our goals while appreciating each other’s unique gifts;
To assume positive intentions of one another;
To practice using language that is clear, positive, and future oriented;
To release individual ownership of our ideas;
To speak with one voice regarding board decisions;
To conduct our relationships to reflect the vision of the beloved community;
To work in the best interests of the congregation; and
To be accountable for our words and actions.


Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes: 

Due to their nature, meeting minutes are password protected. For access to the minutes, send an email request with “minutes password” in the subject line. Please allow at least 24 hours for your request to be processed. Once you have received the password, click here to view the “Board Meeting Minutes” page. Enter the password in the box, and then click “Submit”.


Ministry Review Survey Results:

The survey results are posted on the same page as the Board meeting minutes. Please follow the directions above in order to get a password to view that page.


Finance Officer’s Presentation:

If you wish to view the finance officer’s presentation from the congregational meeting, you must also send an email request for a password. See the information in the previous section for obtaining a password.


Administrative Team Members

  • Senior Minister
  • Associate Minister
  • Church Administrator
  • Director of Religious Exploration
  • The Administrative Team has responsibility for the day to day management of the church and implementing Board Policies. The Team meets weekly to plan, discuss, and make decisions regarding all aspects of congregational life.



View a copy of the UUCA Constitution.


By-Laws to Constitution

View a copy of the UUCA By-laws, and Endowment By-laws (mentioned as Appendix A in the UUCA By-laws).

View a copy of the Operating Reserve Fund Policies and Procedures


UUCA Ends Statements

View a copy of the Ends Statements with Interpretations



View a copy of the UUCA Board of Trustees Governing Policies.

View a copy of the UUCA Conflict of Interest Policy.

View a copy of the UUCA Board Accountability Agreement.

View a copy of the UUCA & UULM-MD Memorandum of Understanding.

View a copy of the procedure for drafting and adopting Changes to UUCA Governing Documents (UUCA Constitution, By-Laws and Governing Policies).

View a copy of the Child Protection Policy.