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Intern Ministry

For more than 18 years, the UUCA has been proud to serve as a Teaching Congregation by having an intern minister serve the congregation for a year at a time. UUCA is one of the most successful continuously-running internship programs in the Unitarian Universalist Association, and we are very proud of the ministers we helped to educate.

The ministerial internship is a requirement of all students seeking fellowship with the Unitarian Universalist Association. During his or her internship year, the Intern Minister will engage in all aspects of ministry, including leading worship, attending committee and Board meetings, providing pastoral care, and performing weddings, memorial services, and child dedication ceremonies as called upon.

Our former interns include:

1997-98 Kent Matthies
1998-99 Petr Dolak-Samojsky
2000-01 Roger Butts
2001-02 Susan Karlson
2002-03 Margie Allen
2003-04 Nancy Shaffer
2004-05 Lyn Stangland Cameron
2005-06 Joyce Palmer
2006-07 Theresa Novak
2007-08 Eric Kaminetzky
2008-09 Bryant Bossler Brown
2009-10 Christina Leone
2010-11 Kimberly Tomaszewski
2011-12 Anastassia Zinke
2012-13 Daniel Gregoire
2013-14 Seth Fisher
2014-15 Patricia Owen
2015-16 Hannah Roberts Villnave
2016-17 Eleanor Piez

The Ministerial Internship Program is run by two committees at the Church. These committees alternate responsibilities from year to year.

One year, the Intern Search Committee will interview and select a candidate for the following year’s internship. Meanwhile, the Intern Support Committee is serving in a support role for the current year’s Intern Minister by giving feedback and offering support when needed.

The following year, the committees will switch roles and the former Search Committee now becomes the Support Committee for the intern they selected. The former Support Committee starts the process over again by searching for and selecting the following year’s intern.