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RE for Children & Youth

A Note about Age Guidelines-
We know that parents are the best judge of their children’s developmental readiness, so we allow parents to decide which class is appropriate. Age guidelines on this page are suggested guidelines (age on or before September 1 is typically the cut off).

Click Here to download the comprehensive  UUCA PARENT GUIDE

Nursery – Kids younger than 3 – During Services & Middle Hour

During the Sunday services, kids younger than 3 or 4 years of age are welcome in the Nursery, which is staffed by a paid caregiver and a parent volunteer. Typically, babies younger than 6 months stay with their families during the service, with the understanding that parents will step out of the sanctuary if the child becomes disruptive. During Middle Hour, the Nursery will be open for babies and toddlers ages 6 – 18 months. Older toddlers will attend Beginner R.E. (see below).

Please note: Church policy states that nursery caregivers will not change diapers. Parent or guardian must be on-site in case of need. 

Childcare – Kids 3 to 9 years – During Services

During the Sunday services, older youth will attend the service with their family or friends. Younger kids will start the service until being “sung out” after the Wonder Box time for all ages. Then they will proceed to the RE sanctuary for volunteer-led activities, including mindfulness practices, music and arts, science, stories, cooking, and more. Different each week! To volunteer to lead one of these activities, contact Michele Reese.

Beginner RE – Toddlers 2 to 3 years – Middle Hour

After kids “graduate” from the Nursery, they are ready for Beginner RE, led by a paid early childhood professional (Michele Reese). In this class our little ones will practice the rhythms and rituals of Religious Exploration at an age-appropriate level, including Circle Time, stories, songs, and activities. Please note: Children in this age range are welcome in the Nursery during services, but will transition with Ms. Michele to their Beginner RE room for Middle Hour. 

Spirit Play – Kids from ages 4 to 8 – Middle Hour
(Spirit Play I is usually PreK-Kindergarten, and Spirit Play II is 1st-2nd Grade)

This multi-age program is for children age 4- 8 or PreK to 2nd grade in two groups. It is offered every Sunday during Middle Hour. This program is a Unitarian Universalist model of Religious Exploration based on Montessori methods. Children start in a circle where they will enter into sacred time to follow their own spirit or heart. They will hear a story that highlights one of the “7 Rainbow Promises” (the Spirit Play way of explaining our 7 UU Principles). After the story and “wondering questions” to encourage open thinking, the children will choose their own “work” including art, re-telling previous stories, engaging in UU rituals, exploring world religions and naturalism, or other activities. Spirit Play I usually enjoys an allergen-free snack during closing circle.

URUU – Kids from ages 8 to 9 (3rd-4th grade)

URUU is offered for ages 8-9 during Middle Hour. This curriculum was written by our own Rev. Christina Leone Tracy, and focuses on developing a positive UU identity, and understanding of our UU history, principles, sources, values, rituals, and symbols.

**Note** Through February and March 2017, the URUU group will be having Our Whole Lives (OWL) education during their Middle Hour class. Trained facilitators will guide them through the 4th grade curriculum which covers gender, sexuality, health, communication, and decision making. For more information, talk to Rev. Christina Leone Tracy or visit .

Middle Hour (10:10 AM).

OWL & COA Limited Enrollment-
Enrollment in Our Whole Lives and Coming of Age is closed after October 1 for the year.

Visitors are not allowed after that date, and will instead be enrolled in Building Bridges*.

Building Bridges – Youth ages 10-12 (5th-6th Grade*)    formerly Neighboring Faiths
Note extended class time: 10:00 – 11:15 AM

(or 7th and 8th grade, as an alternative*). Participants explore the history, beliefs and traditions of various religious cultures and visit houses of worship in the community. *This group is primarily for children in 5th-6th grade, and is also open to youth in grades 7 and 8 as an alternative to Our Whole Lives and Coming of Age, both of which have limited enrollment status (see above).
BB Parent Information & Permission Form

BB “Belief-o-Matic” Quiz Information


Our Whole Lives (OWL)- Youth ages 12-13 (7th Grade)
Note extended class time: 10:00 -11:15 AM

This renowned values-based sexuality education program addresses the spiritual, emotional, physical and cultural aspects of sexuality in our religious context. The group is led by specially trained facilitators, and parents are required to attend two orientation sessions. (*Note: This program has limited enrollment: See above)
OWL Parent Information & Permission Form


Coming of Age (COA)- Youth ages 13-14 (8th Grade)
Note extended class time: 10:00 – 11:15 AM

COA is designed to be a formal rite of passage for our youth. They are matched with a mentor, and focus on three areas: awakening/education, sharing/service, and growth/personal development. The program includes two retreats and a Heritage pilgrimage to Boston, and ends with a special service in front of the congregation. (*Note: This program has limited enrollment: See above)
COA Parent Information & Permission Form

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Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU)- Age 14-18 (High School)
Note extended class time: 10:00 – 11:15 AM

Youth-led, advisor-supported program. Activities include worship, learning, games, dances, overnights, social action, field trips, youth conferences and leading an annual church service. For information about this program, contact Youth Coordinator Paul Berry.